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Vic's Fabrication Shop was established in 1985 by Vic and Lynn Warford and has been proudly serving Northern Ontario and beyond ever since.   When Vic first started the company 29 years ago, he set out to make a good quality core box at a reasonable price; a motto that still exists today.

Core Tray & Rack Features

Build Quality
Our boxes are built with good quality, kiln dried SPF lumber. Our ends are hand nailed with spiral nails in lieu of staples for strength and durability.

  Thinking Thin
We plane down our BQ and thin NQ to reduce weight making them easier to handle and less strenuous on the back.

  Core Racks
Our core racks are made of steel to ensure the durability and longevity that you require. They can also be fitted with a roof.

We build thin NQ and BQ boxes to reduce weight making them easier to handle and more affordable to ship.

  Large Diameter Core
We can even make boxes for larger core such as PQ and bigger.

  Custom Lengths & Sizes
We can build core boxes in almost any length and diameter groove. Contact us for more information.

Core Tray & Rack Prices

AQ Tray
  BQ Tray
  NQ Tray
  Thin NQ Tray
  Two Row NQ Tray
  HQ Tray
PQ Tray
  PQ+ Tray
Ask about our
larger sizes

  6' x 10' Core Rack $1175.00

  4' x 10' Core Rack $700.00

  Core Rack Roofs $400.00



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